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Monday, September 23, 2013

Somtam Khun Kan | ส้มตำคุณกัญจณ์ ***

pla tabtim yang kleua
When we're in the mood for some Thai food in a nice environment, we end up at Somtam Khun Kan for dinner sometimes. 

One of the reasons we like it is the atmosphere, with its lush plants, rough wooden furniture and live music. The place is covered with a wooden construction, so no need to worry about rain or sunshine. 

The restaurant has the whole range of Thai food, from simple somtam and yams (spicy salads), to kho moo yang (grilled pork neck), and loads of fresh seafood. There's a whole range of aquariums with fish, prawns and other seafood in the front, with a dedicated cook. They also have a separate Thai dessert shop,
which serves a variety of typical Thai desserts. 

We've had the keng loang kung sod (a curry with fresh shrimp), my favourite salad yam tua plu, fried rice, and the highlight of our meal is usually a soft and juicy pla tabtim yang kleua (salt-rubbed steamed fish, served with boiled vegetables and 2 sauces). Last time we also tried the kho moo yang (grilled pork neck), laab moo (minced pork), which contained too much liver, and Thailand's most famous dessert khao niao ma muang, fresh mango with sticky rice. The food is okay, the fish is a winner!. We usually drink beer, but they have an extensive choice of drinks. 

Service is friendly and with exception of the fish, fast. Prices aren't cheap. 

6 soi 23, Sukhumvit 101/1 (connecting to Sukhumvit 101)
02 397 0770, 087 714 8983


keng loang kung sod

seating arrangement

yam tua plu

the freshest food

rakham dessert

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