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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Nueng Anong | ร้านข้าวต้ม หนึ่งอนงค์ **

tom yam het
Hungry after getting off the regional bus near Udomsuk, we popped in for a quick Thai (North-Eastern) meal at this restaurant at the foot of the stairs to the BTS.

We heard the Thai karaoke already while approaching the restaurant, which was filled with Thai on this Sunday evening. It's an open restaurant, kept "cool" by ventilators only, and the interior isn't much to look at, with a view of Sukhumvit Road.

We had some standard Thai dishes, like a tasty yam wun sen
(spicy glass noodle salad), delicious tom yam het (spicy soup with mushroom) and a koh moo yang (pork neck) that was far too fatty for my taste. We just drank some water, which was poured for us by the attentive waiter.

Prices were reasonable, service was fast despite the crowd, so this is a good place for a quick meal on the way home.

BTS Udomsuk
Sukhumvit Road corner 101/5
02 747 8376
koh moo yaang


yam wun sen

interior with view of sukhumvit road

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