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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Meat & Greet Burger ****

double cheesburger
Visiting the new Train Market we decided to have a quick meal at this halal burger place. Yes, you read it correctly, the American food on offer is halal, and the ladies that serve the food wear moslem dress. 

The place is decorated in warm reds and browns, and except for the counter it doesn't look like a fastfood restaurant at all. It has windows on all sides, and you can look into the kitchen from outside.

Meat & Greet serves a small menu of burgers, fish 'n chips, french fries, snacks
like fried chicken wings and onion rings, and some soft drinks. I had the best fish 'n chips ever in Bangkok, the chicken wings were excellent and my friend had a tasty double cheeseburger with a small pile of thick fries. Bigger eaters should order extra fries. We were impressed! 

Service was friendly, fast and professional. A bit more expensive than Mc Donald's, but well worth the (small) price difference. The restaurant is experimenting with longer opening hours at the weekends.

Srinakarin Road 
Next to Paradise Park


fish 'n chips

chicken wings



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cafavier said...

Now open 6 days a week (Tue - Sun).
The portion size of the fries has increased.