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Monday, February 25, 2013

Peking Restaurant | ปักกิ่ง ****

stewed 3-layered pork
A friend checked out this restaurant a few weeks ago after seeing Chinese tour groups enjoying their meals on the terrace, and came back with enthusiastic stories about the delicious food and unique North-Chinese dishes on the menu. According to their web site, their Shandong styled cuisine was an essential part of old Beijing’s royal palace menu. Anyway, last night we went for dinner at the Silom branch.

As usual for Chinese restaurants, the place looks simple and undecorated with light wooden furniture and some food photos on the walls. It's air-conditioned, but there's a terrace outside near the road.

The menu contains a treasure of dishes I'd never tried or even heard off,
but we decided to keep it simple. We ordered the fried bean sprouts, which were soft and tender, and definitely imported, the three-layered pork with a delicious sauce, a beef and egg soup that became excellent after adding some soy sauce and pepper, and another three-layered stewed pork. Portions are big. For drinks we had of course Tsingtao beer, but regular beers and other drinks are available as well.

The service was fast, English was spoken, but not much Thai. The prices were not cheap, on average 150 baht per dish, but well worth the money.

64 Silom Rd.
Ground fl, J City Tower, Silom Road
02 273 8989
http://www.pek.co.th/menu.html (mostly in Chinese)

exterior (inside building)
3-layered pork
fried green bean sprouts

beef and egg soup
tsingtao beer
stir-fried fish w. chili (2nd visit) ++

shrimp & mushroom soup (2nd visit)

(2nd visit)

excellent goat dishes (3rd visit)

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