I've eaten with friends and colleagues in all these restaurants in (greater) Bangkok. I'm no food expert, but I do know what I like! Many of my older reviews were also published in Japanese on newsclip.be タイ発ニュース速報. Whether you're after Thai food, or craving a Mexican taco, Japanese buffet or fish & chips, you can find it all here.

* A friendly WARNING: restaurants close, change and move regularly, so before you go make sure to check *

Monday, September 23, 2013

Somtam Khun Kan | ส้มตำคุณกัญจณ์ ***

pla tabtim yang kleua
When we're in the mood for some Thai food in a nice environment, we end up at Somtam Khun Kan for dinner sometimes. 

One of the reasons we like it is the atmosphere, with its lush plants, rough wooden furniture and live music. The place is covered with a wooden construction, so no need to worry about rain or sunshine. 

The restaurant has the whole range of Thai food, from simple somtam and yams (spicy salads), to kho moo yang (grilled pork neck), and loads of fresh seafood. There's a whole range of aquariums with fish, prawns and other seafood in the front, with a dedicated cook. They also have a separate Thai dessert shop,

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Santa Fe Steak | ซานตา เฟ่ สเต็ก, Muang, Samut Prakan ***

combo with beef fillet mignon
Last month some colleagues and I went  for a steak lunch at a nearby Sante Fe franchise, which no doubt is called after the famous American "Santa Fe Railway" - that never actually reached Santa Fe by the way.

The restaurant is inside a building but does have windows to the mall. It has simple wooden and laminated furniture, semi-private booths and sparse decorations.

As the name suggests, it's foremost a steak restaurant, so of course we ordered steak. I had an excellent soft and juicy tenderloin steak, while

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Meat & Greet Burger ****

double cheesburger
Visiting the new Train Market we decided to have a quick meal at this halal burger place. Yes, you read it correctly, the American food on offer is halal, and the ladies that serve the food wear moslem dress. 

The place is decorated in warm reds and browns, and except for the counter it doesn't look like a fastfood restaurant at all. It has windows on all sides, and you can look into the kitchen from outside.

Meat & Greet serves a small menu of burgers, fish 'n chips, french fries, snacks

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Nueng Anong | ร้านข้าวต้ม หนึ่งอนงค์ **

tom yam het
Hungry after getting off the regional bus near Udomsuk, we popped in for a quick Thai (North-Eastern) meal at this restaurant at the foot of the stairs to the BTS.

We heard the Thai karaoke already while approaching the restaurant, which was filled with Thai on this Sunday evening. It's an open restaurant, kept "cool" by ventilators only, and the interior isn't much to look at, with a view of Sukhumvit Road.

We had some standard Thai dishes, like a tasty yam wun sen

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Yam Saap @ Siam Square | ยำแซ่บ ***

rambutan salad with shrimp
Yam Saap is a good place to sample some Thai spicy salads (yams). Over the years I've visited the original branch - opened at Siam Square in 2000 - as well as some others. The around 50 branches can usually be found at shopping malls in Bangkok, with a few branches in the country side.

The restaurants are always decorated in simple, modern style, and the food is served on elegant but plastic serving plates.

As the name implies, Yam Saap is famous for its yams (spicy salads) in many varieties,

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Oishi Ramen @ Major Ekamai ***

Catching a quick meal before our movie we usually end up eating in a branch of the Japanese chain Oishi.

Furniture and decoration are clean and simple with bright lighting, and food is served in proper ceramics.

Oishi serves a variety of Japanese meat and fish ramen (noodles), rice dishes and lots of other dishes like gyoza, dumplings, salads and tempura. The food usually tastes fine, and the salad I had last time was fresh and delicious. Oishi is

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Rasa Khas Indonesian Restaurant **

Remembering the delicious street food we had in Indonesia, I tried out this new restaurant with some friends. Everything showed that it was new (well, 4 months old or so), from the sparse furniture and few decorations inside to the absence of most of the curries on the menu, because "we are a new restaurant and can not stock everything", and the low number of eaters.

The bamboo terrace outside seemed nicer than

Friday, March 8, 2013

Malaysia Hotel Restaurant | โรงแรม มาเลเซีย ***

khao tom set
The restaurant of Malaysia Hotel is the place we often used to go for food after a late night out. This area was the backpackers area of Bangkok before Khao San Road took over, but nowadays it's more popular among gay tourists and residents.

The place is decorated simply with wooden furniture, handicraft place mats and a stone floor, lined with a long bar on the side.

The 24-hour restaurant has an extensive menu with lots of Thai and western dishes, but the khao tom (rice soup) set is the best. A big

Monday, February 25, 2013

Peking Restaurant | ปักกิ่ง ****

stewed 3-layered pork
A friend checked out this restaurant a few weeks ago after seeing Chinese tour groups enjoying their meals on the terrace, and came back with enthusiastic stories about the delicious food and unique North-Chinese dishes on the menu. According to their web site, their Shandong styled cuisine was an essential part of old Beijing’s royal palace menu. Anyway, last night we went for dinner at the Silom branch.

As usual for Chinese restaurants, the place looks simple and undecorated with light wooden furniture and some food photos on the walls. It's air-conditioned, but there's a terrace outside near the road.

The menu contains a treasure of dishes I'd never tried or even heard off,

Monday, February 11, 2013

Khun Sak | คุณสาก ***

yam het
Meeting a friend at IMAX Ratchayothin we went to this modern North-Eastern Thai restaurant just around the corner. 

The furniture is made of dark wood, tiles on the floor and some spectacular lamps on the ceiling. There's a mezzanine with more seats upstairs. The walls are panelled with light wood and parts in the back are painted in apple green, and the overall atmosphere is nice.

The food consists mostly of Isan (North-Eastern Thai) dishes. We tried the yam het (mushroom salad), an excellent dish

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Brown Eyes **** [CLOSED]

fried fish and organic salad
Brown Eyes has been around for many years, but what a coincidence it just moved into my old house after the lease on its old location (Sukhumvit 31) expired!

The house is located in a small leafy family compound in a quiet part of the soi. The upstairs restaurant has a terrace with view of the beautiful garden as well as air-conditioned space inside with big windows, plus a shop where they sell organic foods. The original wooden stairs and floor are still there and there's wooden furniture.

The food's a fusion of Japanese, Thai and international dishes, with lots of vegetarian and organic dishes, although the restaurant is not vegetarian and meat is served too.