I've eaten with friends and colleagues in all these restaurants in (greater) Bangkok. I'm no food expert, but I do know what I like! Many of my older reviews were also published in Japanese on newsclip.be タイ発ニュース速報. Whether you're after Thai food, or craving a Mexican taco, Japanese buffet or fish & chips, you can find it all here.

* A friendly WARNING: restaurants close, change and move regularly, so before you go make sure to check *

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Chandrphen Restaurant | ภัตตาคารจันทร์เพ็ญ ****

With some friends I celebrated my birthday with a dinner at the Chinese-Thai family restaurant Chandrphen. It started its life as just a grilled chicken stall in front of a factory, but nowadays the restaurant proudly carries the Royal Garuda Emblem awarded around 50 years ago by HM the King for its service to royal events.

The restaurant is located on at least 2 floors and has function rooms for parties and weddings. The atmosphere on the ground floor is quite warm for a Chinese restaurant with nice furniture and

Sunday, July 8, 2012

J'Khai Seafood | เจ๊ไข่ซีฟู้ด ***

For months my friend had been talking about this seafood restaurant, so we finally had a look last week. The place is quite far away from the city, but the area itself is one of the most popular nightspots of Northern Bangkok.

Started in 1980 as one small shop, over the years J'Khai ("Older sister Egg") has grown into a row of old shop houses with metal tables and plastic stools inside as well as outside on the pavement, some covered, some open to the elements. Decorations consist mainly of food photos and