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Friday, October 19, 2012

Tokiya Fusion Steak Course ***

A dinner with an old friend re-visiting Bangkok brought us to this Japanese fusion steak restaurant.

The restaurant is decorated in Japanese minimalist style in wood and dark colours and looks quite artistic. Its motto is "where eat meats art".

For 499++ baht we got a full menu of 6-7 courses covering appetizer, salad, soup, rice dishes, main course, desserts and drink. Yes, that's a lot
of courses and some of us were already full by the time the main course arrived. In each course there are a few options, and there are about 10 main courses from which to select. I had a vegetarian menu with a tasty mushroom appetizer (tokiya style eringi), tomato salad, lobster soup, pesto rice, a glass of mulberry vinegar juice, a juicy salmon steak, ice cheese cake and unlimited hot tea. My friends had Australian beef /chicken / pork steaks as the main course. All dishes were beautifully decorated.

The service was too fast for my taste; the personnel kept trying to clear away my dishes while I was still chewing until I told them to slow down. The refill service for my tea was attentive.

2nd floor Siam Discovery 
Rama I Road

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