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Friday, March 12, 2010

Imoya **** ★

Hidden on the third floor of a building behind Emporium shopping mall, lies this traditional Japanese restaurant Imoya, which literally means "Potato Shop".

According to a Japanese friend, this place looks like a typical Japanese restaurant of 40 years ago. The wooden furniture, with public space as well as separate walled-off areas where you take off your shoes and sit on a low bench or the floor, and the vintage Japanese decorations, make you feel like you went back in time.

On arrival all personnel shouts a greeting, and you always get an free appetiser
and a hot towel to clean your hands. Sushi, sashimi, curries, soups, teriyaki, but also the Japanese version of asparagus in bacon and French fries are available. The food is not expensive, and many dishes are tasty. A wide variety of drinks, including of course hot tea, various sakes and beers. Regulars have their own bottle that is kept for them between visits.

A plus or minus is, that smoking is allowed, so watch out where you sit.

2/17-19 Sukhumvit 24
Terminal Building 3. floor

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