Chuan Kitchen, Pak Kret ****

"Excellent Singaporean Chinese food" Went for lunch with a group of colleagues in this modern Singaporean restaurant near Impact Arena. Every single one of our dishes, like the dry bak kut teh (pork ribs in gravy), sweat and sour bass (prepared with lychee instead of pineapple), and the spicy char khway teaw (noodles) with Chinese sausage, was excellent. Absolute winner was the fried tofu in Sechuan sauce. We had some herbal cold drinks and hot herbal tea with our meal. Instead of dessert we had a delicious, home-made chocolate chip cookie. Service was friendly and prices reasonable. Moo 6 Baan Mai * location * facebook * tripadvisor

About My Bangkok Restaurant Reviews

I've eaten with local and foreign friends and colleagues in all these restaurants in (greater) Bangkok. I'm no food expert, but I do know what I like! Many of my older reviews were also published in Japanese on タイ発ニュース速報. Whether you're after Thai food, or craving a Mexican taco, Japanese buffet or fish & chips, you can find it all here. 
Restaurant locations until 2017

Magic Food Park @ Don Muang Airport ***

"Affordable food" This foodcourt in a hidden corner of the airport has maybe 10 small booths serving a quite a choice of Thai food and drinks. Our kaeng joed kay (chicken soup) with rice and our jolk, a rice porridge with fresh egg, minced meat and condiments, were tasty enough, and a lot more affordable than elsewhere at the airport. Friendly service. Vibhavadi Rangsit Rd * location * website *  tripadvisor

Baan Sabieng ****

This nice little restaurant serves excellent Thai food. Our fried broccoli with shrimp was fresh although a bit salty, the grilled chicken salad with just a touch of sauce was tasty, the spicy mushroom soup was a winner and the fried fish (pla kapong) covered with a mix of spicy, sweet, sour and peanuts and served with raw vegetables, was excellent too. Service was fast even though it was crowded, and very professional. Recommended.
sukhumvit 101 * location * facebook

La Baguette Emquartier ***

"Some nice but pricey desserts" The place has comfortable seating and is nicely decorated. Our coffees were okay and the coffee macaron was good. Most of the cakes and desserts were over-decorated and quite expensive. Our sumptuous mango pancake was tasty but a bit chewy, and came with fresh mango and an enormous mountain of very light cream. It was all very sweet. Service was friendly but not so fast, and a free glass of water with such a sweet dessert would have been a nice gesture.
Sukhumvit BTS Phrom Phong * locationwebsite * tripadvisor

Nara Cusine @ Emquartier ***

“Good atmosphere but food just okay” We definitely liked the traditional atmosphere in the restaurant, but my Thai friend and I were not that impressed with the food. Our yam makua jao (eggplant salad) with fresh shrimp was tasty, but our spring rolls were chewy and the bass soup was just okay. Each dish on the menu is marked with 1-3 chilies to indicate how spicy it is, so its convenient for those not familiar with Thai food. Service was professional.
Sukhumvit BTSPhrom Phong * locationwebsite * tripadvisor

Lung Ayudhya Boat Noodle Restaurant | ก๋วยเตี๋ยวเรืออยุธยา "ลุง" ****

"Good noodles, excellent sateh"  Revisited the place with some Thai friends who come here regularly for a quick lunch. Our small-sized portions of pork noodle soup with crispy pork skin and beef noodle soup with blood tasted well, my friend received a big plate of khao man kay (chicken on rice) that was tasty too. Last time we had the excellent moo sateh (grilled pork skewers with peanut sauce) as well. There's no air conditioning but the ventilation is good. Suitable for a quick meal. 
Arun Amanrin * location * website * tripadvisor

Mos Burger @ Central Bangna ****

Undoubtedly the best burger place in town, Mos Burger serves burgers the way they were meant to. Individually prepared burgers with fresh (and uneven) slices of vegetables and sauce are served in paper in a real basket, the fries are big, the salad is fresh and there's sugar-free cola. A pity they still use those slices of processed cheese, but I guess there's no escape. Mos Burger branches can be found all over Thailand.
Bangna-Trad * location * facebook * website

Shakariki 432 @ Century On Nut ***

A real Japanese restaurant for a change, and decorated in the colourful Osaka style we love. The menu is huge. We had an excellent yam salmon (spicy salmon salad), beef noodle and fried liver, accompanied by more quite expensive draft Asahi (compared to other izakayas) and unlimited hot green tea. My custard dessert was fluffy and tasty but minuscule, a big contrast to my friend's huge ice cream bowl.
Service was friendly but we had to wait quite some time for the hot dishes to arrive. When we left around 630 pm the place was packed. It closes at 3 am, so it's an excellent place for an after-hours beer. 
Sukhumvit BTS On Nut * location * facebook * website

E-san (Zapman), Sukhumvit 101 | ร้านแซบแมน ***

Attracted by the bright lights we had a simple meal at this small Thai restaurant, consisting of a few outside tables and a food truck with counter in front of a house.
There's a limited choice of dishes. We went for a yam naem (spicy Thai sausage salad), tom yam (spicy soup) and a filled omelette. The food was spicy as it should be, but overall the food was too sweet, and the omelette wasn't hot enough. 
Service was friendly but not very fast, even though there were just a few customers.
Sukhumvit 101 * location

Baan Baibua | ร้าน บ้านใบบัว, Phra Padaeng ***

Bored of being stuck in traffic, we veered off to this Thai restaurant on the way. It's a modern restaurant with airconditioning inside and a terrace in the front.
Our kay pad med ma muang (chicken with cashew nuts), seafood platter, fried vegetables and fried rice were okay but not that great. The prices on the menu were reasonable, except for the seafood, which was quite pricy. The restaurant also serves coffee and cake, but we didn't try. Service was fast.
Industrial ringroad * location * facebook

Steak Dek Naew @ Sukhumvit 101 | ร้าน สเต็กเด็กแนว ****

Outdoor restaurant with affordable Thai-style steak, opposite the daily fresh market. The menu covers steaks, salads, pizza, spaghetti and some snacks. Our rib-eye steak and salmon steak were not big, but juicy and tasty and came with some fries and salad. The separate vegetable salad we ordered was good too. No alcohol is served. The place is very crowded around dinner time (I walked past a few times on my way to the market) and waiting times can run up to half an hour.
Sukhumvit 101 * location

Kinkao @ Terminal 21 ****

"Tasty but pricey"
Went here for lunch with a few friends. Our tom kha kay (spicy chicken coconut soup), kana pla salit (green vegetable with dried fish), fried fish and spicy curry tasted well, and the giant shrimp - sold per piece (!), starting from $10 - was excellent. The drinks menu didn't offer a lot of choice and we ended up drinking cold herbal drinks that were served in small silver-coloured buckets. 
The bill came out high, and the open location with a lot of foot traffic to and from the nearby food court isn't that great. Service was standard. 
Sukhumvit BTS Asok * location * facebook * tripadvisor

Uokatsu @ Tokyu Paradise ***

Uokatsu is a small food court in the Tokyu Mall in Paradise Park. We had a tasty buta-shogayaka (ginger-pork) set that came with soup, rice and a good salad, and the katsu jyu (pork / chicken) set was good too.  The food was freshly prepared on location so it took a while to arrive. There was quite a choice of non-alcoholic drinks based on tea, fruit and herbs. They also sell frozen seafood from Japan.
Service was friendly. The food court looks charmingly Japanese, but the (food) smell was strong, and it was quite empty at 8 pm. 
Srinakarin * location * facebook